Montessori Vancouver

About Monkey See Monkey Do

aurie Mossop is the school administrator. She founded Monkey See Monkey Do Montessori Ltd. in September 2007 after having taught Montessori preschool for 6 years. She wanted to create a Montessori school which stays true to the Montessori philosophy and teaching practices and which also incorporates physical education, art, music, and outdoor education. She also wanted to create a school where parents feel informed and excited about what Montessori is and how their children are benefiting from it.

She started with just 6 students and 1 other staff member. The school enrollment quickly grew and the school was full by September 2008 (20 students per class). In the third year of operation, Laurie created an extended day Kindergarten program. This program allows the 5 year old children to benefit from a full day of Montessori (8:45am-3:00pm).

The school has one mixed age classroom (2.5-6 year olds) with 20 children in the morning class and 20 children in the afternoon class. Two staff members (both fully Montessori trained) guide the class of 20. They are the backbone of the school. They do all the lesson planning, lesson implementation, observation and recording of children's progress, classroom management, material making, parent evenings, parent meetings, field trips, etc.

The classroom is located on the sunny second floor of the Dunbar Heights United Church. It is not a religious school but the preschool enjoys a warm relationship with the church. It has a full set of high quality 'Nienhuis' brand Montessori materials as well as many handmade materials for the children to learn from. In the summer of 2014 the school got a facelift with a new paint job, new cubbies, and new carpeting.

The school is licensed by Vancouver Coastal Health. This organization ensures: the school premises are safe and up to code; the school materials are developmentally appropriate and in good condition; the school staff are qualified and up to date with their certification; and that the school complies with the regulations set out by the Province of B.C. in the Community Care and Assisted Living Act. The school is a BC registered corporation.

Mission Statement

Monkey See Monkey Do Montessori provides preschool and kindergarten children with high quality, developmentally appropriate, Montessori materials in a safe, stimulating, warm, and creative environment in order to facilitate the acquisition of independence, self-mastery, self-confidence, concentration, perseverance, pre-academic and good social skills. Monkey See Monkey Do Montessori recognizes that all children love to learn but that each child is an individual and learns in different ways. The school allows children to learn at their own pace, in their own ways, and ensures that the natural love of learning stays with the children throughout their lives.