Montessori Vancouver

inally, and perhaps most importantly, the Montessori classroom allows children’s natural curiosity and love of learning to flourish: we provide delightful materials for the children to explore; we encourage their personal interests and allow them to move through the curriculum at their own pace; we cultivate curiosity and problem solving; and we never make a child feel like he’s made a mistake. We do correct errors but it’s done gently and subtly so the child doesn’t even know he made a mistake. The child’s individual personality, pace of learning, and learning style are paramount to how the guides work with them. As well, in a mixed age environment, the children see where they are going with their learning and why it’s important to learn what they are learning at any given moment. That is, they see how their present learning fits into the big picture. This knowledge encourages self-motivation and a real drive to keep learning.