Montessori Vancouver



onkey See Monkey Do Montessori Ltd. is an enriched Montessori program that follows the standards as set out by the Montessori Training Centre of B.C., meets the high academic standards parents at Montessori schools have come to expect, and which also incorporates music, arts and crafts, physical education, gardening, field trips, and social celebrations.

We offer children the full three-hour work cycle which is one of the important characteristics of a good Montessori classroom; we simply integrate the other curriculum enrichments organically into the work cycle. We are able to do this because we have the full set of Montessori music materials, an outdoor play area, as well as access to an on-site, full-size gymnasium. We incorporate the art materials into the Practical Life section of the classroom and we do seasonal craft projects concurrently with the rest of the curriculum. We celebrate birthdays and special family days (e.g. Mother’s Day Tea Party and a Father’s Day gym play time) during class time with the whole class. We take a few special field trips every year (e.g. UBC Farm, Camosun Bog, and theatre performances). Together, these elements provide the children with a rich and varied preschool experience. Every child at our school enjoys school and benefits enormously from the program we provide.

The atmosphere the staff members have built at Monkey See Monkey Do Montessori is peaceful and cooperative.

Monkey See Monkey Do Montessori has caring, hard working, experienced staff members who have full command of the English language and who have much to offer the children beyond their Montessori teacher training.

The atmosphere the staff members have built at Monkey See Monkey Do Montessori is peaceful and cooperative. The staff members spend a lot of time doing grace and courtesy lessons with the children, helping them learn to get along well with others. They also spend time helping the children learn to solve problems and to express their feelings appropriately. They encourage the children to help one another and to work together as a class to care for one another as well as the class materials. They keep the children engaged and they set firm yet logical ground rules to keep the classroom running smoothly. Parents are always amazed when they come to visit the classroom and see children being so engaged with the materials but also putting things away when they are finished, using polite and sophisticated language, and being gentle with each other.

The physical environment of the classroom is very pleasant, well organized, and designed specifically for 2.5-6 year olds. We have a full set of high quality ‘Nienhuis’ brand Montessori materials. They are predominantly made of wood, are very attractive to children, and are in good working condition. The staff and children keep the materials clean and orderly. All of our furniture and fixtures (including the washrooms) are child sized. In the summer of 2013 we had the classroom painted, we bought new carpet, and were gifted new cubbies. Since the room is on the second floor of the building, it receives a lot of light and has views of the beautiful, quiet, tree-lined street where we are located.  Our gym is full sized with fun equipment; our outdoor space is fantastic with a sand box, large wooden climbing structure and more.